Lakeshia Williams, guides her audience on a journey of designing your life story. With a wealth of wisdom and over two decades of experience, Lakeshia equips you with practical tools, resources, and strategies to help you grow and thrive.

Drawing from her own journey of transformation, Lakeshia knows the power of shaping your own narrative. She believes that everyone has the potential to create a life that resonates with their dreams. Through her educational books, interactive workshops, and personalized guidance, Lakeshia helps people tap into their potential, find purpose, and feel fulfilled.

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Signature Topics


The Invisible Gateway To Homelessness

This thought-provoking presentation sheds light on how reliance on welfare programs can inadvertently become a stepping stone towards instability, with individuals and families getting trapped in a cycle that leads them closer to homelessness. Discover how entrepreneurship can help you break free from the cycle of welfare, ensuring lasting housing security and long-term self-sufficiency.


How To Become a Mompreneur

Lakeshia helps you shift your perspective, to empower you in recognizing the abundance of skills and resources you already possess to kickstart a thriving business. Delve into actionable insights and empowering strategies that empower you as a mom to step into the world of entrepreneurship with confidence, turning your passions and potential into a successful venture that harmonizes with your family life.


From Clutter To Profit

Lakeshia reveals how the chaos and disarray within your business processes can unintentionally hinder your financial goals. Discover actionable strategies and insights that help you declutter your operations, streamline your workflows, and create a clear path towards maximizing your profitability.


To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool

Lakeshia goes beyond the surface to delve into the positive, challenging, and intricate aspects of homeschooling. Gain invaluable insights into the benefits, potential drawbacks, and nuanced experiences that come with this educational choice. Through real-life anecdotes, research-backed information, and practical advice, attendees will be empowered to make informed decisions about whether homeschooling aligns with their family's unique needs and goals.


What To Do If Social Media Fires You?

Lakeshia talks about safeguarding your brand in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. Learn why brand protection is not only crucial but also how to navigate unexpected challenges that might lead to your removal from social media platforms. As well as how to develop effective crisis management techniques, learn about building a resilient online presence, and discover innovative ways to maintain brand loyalty even in the face of setbacks.


Expat Living As A Single Mom

Lakeshia shares her captivating journey of self-discovery while living abroad with four children, successfully managing a business, and fully extending the realm of homeschooling in an international setting. Learn about her challenges and triumphs that came with juggling these multifaceted roles. Discover actionable strategies for finding balance, adapting to new cultures, and leveraging entrepreneurship to create a fulfilling and harmonious life for both you and your family.

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